The Colours of the

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

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The Standard used in Australia for the PBGV is the one adopted by the UK Kennel Club.  The Statement regarding colour varies slightly between the Standards in each county and this is one of the cases where I believe words have been missed out in the interpretation from the country of origin translation.     For instance in the French Standard the statement is longer than others and allows more colours  -

French (FCI) Standard

Black with white spotting (white and black). Black with tan markings (black and tan). Black with light tan markings. Fawn with white spotting (white and orange). Fawn with black mantle and white spotting (tricolour). Fawn with black overlay. Pale fawn with black overlay and white spotting. Pale fawn with black overlay. Traditional names: hare colour, wolf colour, badger colour or wild boar colour.......... 

You will notice that the PBGV can be  Black and white &  Black and Tan but none of these colours are allowable in the UK, NZ or Canadian  Standards and Black & Tan is not allowed in the USA Standard.

The USA Standard

White with any combination of lemon, orange, black, sable, tricolor or grizzle markings, providing easy visibility in the field............. 

The PBGV can be  Black and white  

The UK - Australian and NZ  & Canadian Standard

White, with any combination of lemon, orange, tricolour or grizzle markings

Although like the US standard it states the PBGV must be white with ......... it does not say it can be white with black only as it clearly states in both the French and the US standards.!!!

(As I said, I believe these are  just  omissions in the translation, but although not great these changes have now  had a subtle  change to the breed).


Tri- Colour

Orange & White

Grizzle (Red)  & White

Lemon & White

Coat Colour Descriptions

Tri-Colour - any coat with a foundation of white, with patches of a different colour and trim in a third colour.  In the case of the PBGV White with black , which often turns to grey/Silver as the dog gets older with tan trim.

Grizzle & White - a foundation of white with colour patches made up of a mixture of colours including bluish-grey, red and black.

Orange & White - a foundation of white with colour patches ranging from tan and buff to almost light brown shades.

Lemon & White - a foundation of white with colour patches of pale yellow or wheaten colour which is often not present at birth or very very pale and becomes more apparent as the puppy grows.

-.-.- Grizzled Varieties -.-.-

Grey - Grizzle

Orange - Grizzle

Brown - Grizzle

Grey/Black & Brown - Grizzle

-.-.- Photos of other coat colours and patterns -.-.-

Tan & Black

(this colour is not acceptable in any country except France)

Black & White

(This colour  is not mentioned in the UK standard)

Brown & White

(As brown is made up of a variety of brown colours it is basically accepted as a brown Grizzle)

Coat patterns - can vary from  almost all white, (the base colour) with very few coloured markings, to coats that are heavily marked with colour.  These patterns can  be made up of many patches or blankets and patches etc.  All are correct, so long as the base coat is white.  The coat pattern can also be made up of clear definable patches or definable patches  mixed with  ticking scattered through and beneath the longer white hair ( almost roaning).

A PBGV with very little colour

A  Puppy with a lot of colour

A PBGV with patches and ticking

Coat Colour Changes

Puppies hardly ever stay the same colour as they grow.  Unless you have a pure orange and white or a pure lemon and white, you will see a change in the colour of a puppy from birth to adult.  Some of these changes are quite startling and very interesting.

-Examples of colour changes of puppies to adults-

Each set of the following photos are of the same individual as a baby and then as an adult

-.-.-  Orange/Grizzle -.-.-

8 weeks

16 weeks

5 months

9 months


-.-.-  Grey/Grizzle -.-.-



-.-.-  Brown-Grey /Grizzle -.-.-



-.-.-  Tri - Colour -.-.-