How to groom a PBGV for the show ring  is quite a contentious issue and often sparks hot debates from people around the world.  However grooming a PBGV as a pet is something that an owner can do anyway they wish. The amount of grooming and trimming will depend on the coat/hair quality of each particular PBGV.  In my attempt to cover both grooming the PBGV for the Show ring and Grooming the PBGV as a pet, I will break this information into two sections to make it easier for the reader, so  click on the link that interests you for your PBGV and please remember the information supplied on these two pages are my ideas of how I feel a PBGV  should be groomed for the show ring or as a pet.

Grooming the PBGV for the Show Ring

Grooming PBGV for everyday care as a Pet