To Understand the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen's history first you must know what the breed  is and what purpose it was developed for.
So what is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen?
historical hunting picture

He is a small, rough coated rustic and hardy, game scenting hound bred to hunt rabbit and hare who is friendly, outgoing and willing to please. He is busy intelligent and curious and is full of confidence. The words 'innocent devilment' are often associated with this breed and they are also often nicknames "The Happy Breed" for obvious reasons along with their consistent ability to amuse their owners with their never ending play, and the joy they find in just being alive.

So What's In A Name?

" PETIT BASSET GRIFFON VENDEEN " ...what a mouth full some will say and how does one really pronounce it?

In French the correct pronunciation is

" Puh-TEE.... Bah-SAY.... Gree-FOHN.... VON-day-uhn "

Yes quite a mouthful, even though not all that inventive by the Frenchmen who named him, quite aptly describes the dog's appearance when you understand the French translation, as you can see -

PETIT - (Small) .... BASSET - (low to the ground) .... GRIFFON- (wiry haired)
VENDEEN- (the region in France where the breed was developed)

Not so bad after all now that you know what it means? But to make it  easier, the name is often shortened by people who have trouble with the pronunciation each time they discuss the breed to - PBGV's or PB's or  PETIT's and in some countries, ROUGHIE's, GRIFFONS or GRIFF's. In  Australia, the nickname PBGV seems to have stuck and I will use it in all my future reference to the breed as I particularly like this nickname. (Although I have had them called the 'ABC dog' a few times by those who cannot remember the right initials for the breed's four worded, difficult to pronounce name!)

So now you understand their name how about a little of their history?    
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