These Pages contain up to four generation pedigrees (where possible)  for all the PBGV's on this website and their relatives back four generations in their pedigrees.  The dogs are listed under the their alphabetically names on relevant alphabetical  pages.  I hope it is of interest  and assistance to those who  are looking to increase their Pedigree Data bases or for those that are interested in extended Pedigrees.

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 Goldorak de Fin Renard   Fr. Ch. Ulysse de Fin Renard, BC Thor de Fin Renard, BC Oslo BC
Nigelle de Fin Renard
Miss Tic de Fin Renard, BC Japy de Fin Renard
Gergovie de Fin Renard
Ebene de Fin Renard, BC  Fr. Ch. Beloskar de Fin Renard, BC Uron de Fin Renard
O'Nanou du Mont des Saules BC
Belise de Fin Renard, BC Urtain de Fin Renard
Pergola de Fin Renard