The Standard of the Breed is a set of descriptions drawn up by founders of the breed so that future breeders will have  a template to adhere to,  so as to ensure  the breed does not lose it's unique type and character.  It is the clarity of these descriptions  and the interpretation by breeders of these specific  breed characteristics that ultimately affect the future of any breed.

The first Standard for the PBGV was  written and registered with the Kennel Club  in France.  This is  the FCI Standard.  (FCI Standards are those used by the country of origin of any breed).

Often in the translation from one language to another, or  if the 'peers of the breed' in a country, decide to subtly alter certain areas of a breed's  standard to suit their own country's conditions and unfortunately sometimes their own personal desires , certain  points of a breed's standard,  can become altered and so the Standard for one breed can  occasionally differ from country to country. 

My personal thoughts on this issue,  is that  all countries should use the breed's country of origin Standard (FCI) without alteration, accompanied with  an extended standard in each country explaining the descriptions in the Standard,  in more detailed and home grown terms used by each particular country.

Below I have listed 4  PBGV Breed standards. Click on each one to view those used by the countries who use these and see if you can find the subtle differences.

                    *   F.C.I. Standard - (used by most European Countries)

                    *   UK Standard - (used by Australia & NZ)

                    *   USA Standard  -

                    *   Canadian Standard -