~ Imported from Germany to the USA ~

Donnie - Was originally imported from Germany from Heidi Winkleman in 2006, to the USA, by Robyn Caldwell  & Robyn Wallis.  Whilst doing his requisite quarantine time in the USA with Barbara and Gary Oxholm  in Florida, it was decided he should stay there and they are now his current owners.   He has however sire a lovely litter of puppies to a bitch of Liz Cates of 'HiCotton' kennels and the pick dog of the litter 'HiCotton Candy Man' (Tobee)  will shortly be arriving here to take his place.

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Pedigree  - (Click on the underlined names to see photos of dogs)

Donat Grafin von Schwerin Ch. Charles vom Esculap Junior du Parc des Chaumes Henzo du Parc des Chaumes
Gazelle du Parc des Chaumes
Heidi vom Esculap Dusty von Berginsel
I-Punktchen vom Esculap
Rozenstoltz vom Esculap Ch. Niles des Vignes du Puits Jeff
Jessie des Vignes du Puits
Golden Game Esculap Junior du Parc des Chaumes
Barak Balinka vom Esculap