About a PBGV  -  is it the breed for you?

The PBGV is first and foremost a 'scent hound',  bred to hunt in 'a pack',  and as the history of the breed explains he has centuries of  genetic breeding for this purpose in his blood.  Modern PBGV's huntingAs a pet this makes him a dog that needs a secure environment and training from a early age to come back when called, otherwise he will be 'off' after a scent trail that crosses his path and no amount or calling will get his attention until he has followed this trail to the end.

He is also a 'pack animal', as up until a few decades ago, PBGVs were not kept as pets, but in packs, purely for hunting purposes.  The PBGV as a pet, quickly makes its owners  (family) his 'pack' or enjoys living with another dog or dogs in a pack.  All 'packs' have their hierarchy and you must put a PBGV where you want it to be in your family 'pack'.  In other words if you are a family with children, your PBGV is to be the bottom of the pack and must stay in this position.

He is extremely intelligent and learns very quickly, although sometimes this intelligence can lead to stubbornness and if he thinks he knows a better or quicker way of achieving a result he will easily 'outfox' his owner. He  learn routines and tricks quickly, especially if he thinks it will benefit him.  (Try finding a PBGV at bath time?  They seem to be able to read your thoughts and disappear!)



The picture on the right shows a  PBGV trying to tell it's owner  how he believes he should be shown, but eventually with patience he learns to agree!


The PBGV is often called 'The Happy Breed' and this is because they seem to enjoy life to the to maximum everyday.  The fun they derive from simple things is amazing and their comical love of life make you laugh everyday.  They LOVE children as they seem to have that childish pleasure of life that only children have and so associate so well with them.     


When they have correct coats, they are reasonably 'easy care' dog to look after, needing a good brush and comb about once a week, and the occasional bath to keep them clean, (as they love to get dirty) and a little attention to their ears and around their eyes.    Be sure if you have a muddy spot in the garden they will find it and relish in the joy of playing in it. (See photo on the left)   Kept inside they are clean  and easily house trained and although, not like a poodle or Bichon Frise, which do not shed coat at all, and so shed a bit of coat,  they don't shed an exceptional amount like some of the heavier coated breeds like golden retrievers.                                                                                      

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The PBGV is an active dog and requires a walk daily, for not only his health but his mental stimulation.  He is a dog that loves to play, and loves to play games with his owners.  Of course  if you don't have the time, he will play for hours on his own with toys, which are a necessary requirement in a PBGV's life.  (Especially the squeaky ones!)


In Summary - If you like reasonable exercise , if you like a dog that is not a short coated breed but is fairly  easy to maintain with a bush and comb once a week,  if you enjoy playing with dogs, and you are prepared to be  firm in your attitude to upbringing and  teaching your dog what you want from an early age, and finally  if you have children who want a dog to play with, then the PBGV is possible the dog for you.



   Always the Joker                           Loves Children               Sometimes a little devil  

If you think the PBGV might be the dog for you  feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the breed in more detail with you.