~ Pedigrees ~

Being a person who is interested in extended Pedigrees for various uses and enjoys building PBGV databases, I have found, over the years, it is very frustrating, trying to  find the information to fill  holes in Pedigrees.  Some websites have pedigrees attached to each dog, but then their anscestors often becomes difficult to find.  With this in mind, I decided to add this 'Pedigree' section to my website which consists of alphabetical pages containing up to four generation pedigrees (where possible)  for the four generations in all the pedigrees of the PBGV's mentioned on the Rokeena website.  A dog's Stud Prefix's where applicable is used as the key word in the name, in strict alphabetical order on the  relevant alphabetically numbered  pages.  I hope this is of interest  and  some assistance to those who are looking to increase their Pedigree Data bases or others that are interested in extended Pedigrees.

To go to an alphabetical page, click on the relevant alphabet link below.

(As you will understand this is an enormous job so is still under construction - Please be patient)